Ice vs. Heat, What’s Best For You?

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Hey Doc, Should I use Ice or Heat?

I get this question in my practice nearly everyday. Let me clear this up for everyone so you will always remember it…

In any case where you are unsure what to do, use Ice first. Why, you ask?

Ice helps decrease inflammation and numb some of the pain/discomfort. Any acute injury or flare-up will cause inflammation at the injured location.

Remember, an injury does not have to be from a bad fall or accident (major trauma), it could result from something simple like bending over and feeling back pain or waking up with a stiff/achy neck (micro trauma). In either case, ICE FIRST.

Now, what is the exception to this rule…Of course you guys know there is always an exception, right? You’re thinking, “great, more for me to remember”…


IF and ONLY IF you are 100% certain that the pain/discomfort is a result of a Muscle Spasm you may use Heat right out of the gate.


Why heat for a muscle spasm, you ask? Heat will help sooth and relax the muscle spasm by bringing more blood to the area that heat is being applied to.

So here is the BIG Idea…At the onset of pain, use Ice and if you do not feel there is a muscle spasm, stick with Ice only. If your 100% certain you have a muscle spasm, use heat.

Apply Ice or Heat for 20-25 minutes at a time at the site of pain/discomfort and repeat this 2-4 times over several hours. Applying for over 25 min. or so in one sitting, has NO benefit…your body adapts quickly.

NEVER apply a heating pad/heat pack or ice pack directly on your skin, it is BEST to have at least 1 layer between you and the heat/ice. That can be a very thin towel or a thin shirt.

If your pain/problem persists for several days with no improvement from Ice/Heat, you may have a more serious problem that requires more intervention. Call your Chiropractor for a check up, you may need adjustments and other therapy to resolve the underlying cause of the persistent symptoms.


Hope this Helps!

Yours in Better Health,

Dr. J. Luis Sandez


Sandez Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Cary, NC 27513


Pain Relief Through Pediatric Chiropractic Care In Cary Morrisville

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In Cary Morrisville NC chiropractic care succeeds in relieving pain among pediatric sufferers. Any age group, from infants to teens can benefit from this attention. Their pain may arise from any number of circumstances including an injury or an existing condition.

As with the adult population, each child is provided with individualized care designed to address the cause of his pain. Effective methods relieve the severity of the hurt with long-lasting results. Many disorders can benefit from pediatric chiropractic care.

Among its many advantages are the fact that it is non-invasive and does not rely on prescription medication. It can alleviate back pain, headache pain and that which is caused by otitis media. This common middle ear infection is prevalent due to the anatomy of the ear canal.

Tubes leading from the outer ear to the inner ear, called Eustachian tubes, are very short in a child. This allows water and other materials to easily enter the middle ear and cause an infection. Other pediatric disorders include temperomandibular joint pain, spinal tumors and vertebral subluxations.

TMJ is a disorder affecting the joint that hinges the upper and lower jaw together. Spinal tumors may be cancerous or benign. A vertebral subluxation occurs when one or more of the bones in the spinal column is misaligned and possibly pressing against a nerve.

An evaluation of the child is done prior to designing a care plan. He may or may not be able to answer questions depending on age and communication skills. A physical exam and possibly an x-ray help to identify the disorder that is causing the pain.

After the assessment is completed, a course of action can be recommended. Any child will require an explanation of what is going to take place delivered in language that is suitable for his age. Cary Morrisville NC chiropractic care is administered in a way that does not frighten or intimidate, which is especially important in a case involving a young child.

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Children With Foot Pain In Cary Morrisville Find Relief Through Chiropractic


Many people suffer from foot pain at some time in their lives. While this type of pain may not be serious, if your child is experiencing a problem you should seek qualified help urgently. A Cary Morrisville NC chiropractic office has extensive experience with this type of problem in children and can provide lasting relief.

Feet are surprisingly tough and mostly do not give much trouble under normal circumstances. However, there are a number of different things that can go wrong and result in severe pain. It is essential to identify the cause in order to be able to take appropriate steps to deal with the situation.

While the symptoms will often point to the cause, a thorough evaluation is necessary to make absolutely sure. Only if the problem is properly identified will corrective action be likely to succeed. Chiropractors are trained to base any therapy on dealing with the cause, and not merely address the symptoms.

As with most problems of this nature, it is best to take action early if you want to be sure to find a solution. Any delay will result in needless pain for your child and may cause additional problems. The sooner something is done the sooner your child will be able to walk normally again without experiencing pains.

Chiropractic uses safe and natural methods to address this type of problem effectively. Studies have shown that it is effective and safe for use in children, and will not cause any harm if used appropriately. The techniques used are also non-invasive and free of any of harmful side effects.

If your child is struggling to walk, a visit to a local Cary Morrisville NC chiropractic office may help you find a solution. Chiropractors deal with this type of problem a lot, and are familiar with all the possible causes. Just having the problem assessed will help you decide what to do next.

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Cary Morrisville NC Chiropractic Professional Provides Prenatal Chiropractic Options

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For expecting mothers, a trip to the chiropractor is not uppermost in their list of priorities. However, for the residents of Cary Morrisville NC chiropractic techniques have been useful for those female clients in the prenatal stage. The paragraphs that follow detail why such methods and techniques have been so useful.

Contrary to popular assumption, a chiropractor’s techniques are not incompatible with pregnant clients. Professionals are trained to deal with such clients, and some do train to deal exclusively with them. Equipment such as tables designed for pregnant women and techniques for relieving abdominal stress are part and parcel of their service.

Several reasons exist to explain why pregnant women require the services of chiropractors, chiefly the physical changes that they undergo. When pregnant, women will develop a prominent bump on their abdomen and a related curvature on their back. These will likely cause spinal misalignments if they are not properly looked after.

Pelvic alignment is also very important for the successful delivery of the baby. If this is adversely affected, the birth may require an invasive procedure for it to be carried out successfully. It is essential, therefore, that you seek professional help in looking after this too.

Spinal alignment is very important to maintain. The spine is the main passage through which the brain relays its commands to the central nervous system, and this has to be at optimum efficiency when delivering a baby. So in order to ensure that this is in order, a knowledgeable chiropractor will be needed.

For the residents of Cary Morrisville NC chiropractic assistance has proven to be very valuable in prenatal situations. There is no valid reason for why people who live elsewhere cannot employ the same services for similar situations. In the event of a pregnancy, be sure to make a chiropractor a high priority.

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Learn How A Cary Morrisville Chiropractor Can Alleviate Pregnancy Pain

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Many expectant moms have experienced the muscle strains brought about by pregnancy. With an average weight gain of 30 pounds, and the increased stress the baby places on the body, discomfort and pain can become severe. A Cary Morrisville NC Chiropractic doctor offers pain relief that is safe for you as well as your baby.

During pregnancy, the woman’s center of gravity starts to move forward on the pelvis. While there is enough depth in the pelvis to carry the baby, the displacement of weight places additional stress on the joints. As the woman gains weight, her body weight presses farther forward, increasing the spinal curvature and placing additional stress on the spine.

Fortunately, nature helps with these changes. Pregnancy hormones loosen the ligaments attached to the pelvic bones. Still, the growing child can cause imbalances. These imbalances can cause increased awkwardness, leading to trips and falls.

Women can benefit from a chiropractor before becoming pregnant. As a part of family planning, the woman should schedule an appointment. The doctor locates any imbalances in the body that could increase the discomfort during pregnancy as well as problems that could occur after the baby is born.

Chiropractors can also provide chiropractic adjustments to help relieve the pain in the lower back during the time one is pregnant. These adjustments are considered safe for both the mom and baby. They are especially useful if one is attempting to avoid the use of medication to treat back pain. Chiropractors also help with advice concerning nutrition, exercise and ergonomics to help the woman remain healthy for the duration of her pregnancy.

After giving birth, the new mom should schedule a follow up appointment with a Cary Morrisville NC Chiropractic doctor. The doctor can perform adjustments before the ligaments tighten up again to correct any problems from the pregnancy. This can prevent a lifetime of pain.

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How Children Get Pain Relief With Morrisville Pediatric Chiropractor

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Consulting with a Morrisville NC chiropractic professional is often a very effective way to find natural pain management solutions for a child. Many parents are not eager to rely solely on prescription medications for diminishing discomfort. At this stage of life, just as at every other, there can be a range of side effects that kids must contend with.

Just like adults, kids are prone to developing subluxations of the spine. These can occur in kids that have been in auto accidents, experienced sports injuries or have otherwise had a severe blow to the body. When the spine is misaligned, kids can experience chronic headaches, muscle spasms and a range of other aches and pains. Manual adjustments to the spine will allow the body to become more efficient in healing itself.

Certain chronic and progressive illnesses such as scoliosis can be alleviated through the therapies that chiropractors commonly employ. There are numerous options that can be used to this end. Each patient, however, will receive a comprehensive assessment as this care is designed to be client-specific.

The goal of these professionals is to promote optimal health and to assist the body in healing itself. This can be especially important for young athletes with sports injuries. Kids can start regaining their mobility and learning how to use their bodies properly.

Children who are receiving chemotherapy can also benefit from this type of care. Massage and other therapies can relieve pain and muscle stress. In fact, many chronic illnesses that require prescribed drugs can also cause physical pain. Chiropractors can provide therapies that help to alleviate this discomfort.

By talking with a Morrisville NC chiropractic professional, you can learn all about the different pain management options that are available to your child. This is often the ideal way to ensure consistent comfort levels. Kids can feel better, move better and avoid the side effects that many prescribed pain medications entail.

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Morrisville Pediatric Chiropractor Provides Pain Relief Options For Children

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Dealing with excruciating pain can be a very overwhelming experience. This is especially true for children who have no real way to rationalize their experiences. Fortunately, kids can gain all-natural relief through Morrisville NC chiropractic care.

Chiropractors deal primarily with the health of the spine and its impact on the entire body. Sometimes children suffer from subluxations or areas of misalignment that result in pinched nerves, compressed discs, severe headaches or extreme muscle stress. There are many different techniques that these professionals use in order to help their patients gain relief. Each plan of care is structured to meet the needs of the individual.

Many young patients are often given recommendations for lifestyle corrections. Just as with adults, unhealthy life habits can make certain conditions much more unbearable for kids. Better dietary habits and increased physical activity can make a world of difference in some instances. This is especially true for obese children and those who have very toxic diets.

Children can even receive massage therapy which is helpful for alleviating muscle pains and other aches throughout the body. These efforts are used in many instances, such as when children suffer from scoliosis or aches and pains that are related to the use of prescribed medicines for chronic illnesses. Each session can produce a marked sense of relief.

Parents find these all-natural solutions far preferable to over the counter remedies and prescribed medications. Chiropractors do not use therapies that have an extensive range of side effects. More importantly, their efforts are aimed at targeting the cause of problems, rather than merely alleviating symptoms.

Entrusting your child to a Morrisville NC chiropractic professional is a great way to help him or her obtain lasting relief. A good provider will also help your child to know more about why the body is behaving the way that it is. This knowledge can make youngsters more mindful of their spinal health and their health overall.

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