Absolutely Nothing!!!


               Yes, this is true…Eating Healthy will NOT cause you to Lose Weight.


I could hear it now, you are thinking : “WHAT? Doc you are crazy, I am not reading any further!”

Here is a Million Dollar GEM for you…

One Pound (1lb.) = 3,500 calories

If your goal is to lose 2lbs per week, you need to consume 7,000 less calories in 1 week. Now divide that per day, its 500 less calories a day. Two pounds per week is a healthy and attainable goal for most people.

The only way to effectively lose weight is to consistently have your body “depleted” of these 500 calories per day. This does not necessarily mean you eat 500 less calories…you can eat 250 less calories and add exercise that causes you to lose 250 calories and you reach the 500 goal. Make sense?

SOOOO, back to the idea that healthy eating will cause you to lose weight. You can eat all organic, no processed foods, no fried foods, etc. BUT if you still eat just as many calories you WILL NOT LOSE WEIGHT. However, making better food choices is obviously recommended for overall health.

500 LESS calories per day is very reasonable and safe, in 1 month you will lose at least 8lbs. Keep that going overtime or increase to 750 less calories/day and in 6 months you will lose OVER 50 lbs!! (If you need to, this is just an example).



1) Get at least 500 less calories per day via less food and/or adding exercise.

2) Eat smaller portions more often throughout the day. Eat 5-6 smaller meals & snacks. Helps your metabolism and keeps you satisfied.

3) Stay away or Minimize processed foods (canned food, boxed food, etc.) that have extra calories AND much more Sodium(salt).

4) Drop or Minimize things like Sodas, fried foods, additives (mayo, ranch, butter, etc.)

5) Eat meats/fish with lower caloric value like Chicken, Turkey, Tuna rather than Beef & Pork.



Hope this Helps!


Yours in Better Health,

Dr. J. Luis Sandez


Sandez Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Cary, NC 27513