Did you know that we sleep one-third of our Lives?

You probably never stopped to think about that but if you get about 8 hrs/night and there are 24 hours in 1 day…BINGO!

This is great because sleep is ESSENTIAL for living! However, are you sleeping in the correct posture or are you making things worse for yourself?

“Doc, I love sleeping on my belly, been doing it for years and I sleep like a baby”

Sleeping on your belly for years? I got one word for you:   STOP!!!!!!

Sleeping on your stomach causes a ton of strain on your neck because you must keep it turned to one side…your vertebrae are being twisted for 8 hours and 1/3rd of your life.

You also put more strain on your lower back this way. Break this habit ASAP!


Here are some great sleep posture Tips: As a Chiropractor, I tell my Patient’s this all the time…

1. Sleep on your back. You can use a small pillow under your knees. For your neck, use a pillow with an indentation in it, flat pillows and ultra soft pillows should have never been invented as this can affect the curve in your neck & cause strain.

2. Sleep on your side and switch sides regularly BUT do not twist your hips! You must keep your hips straight with the top leg above the lower leg and your knees bent. Keep your head/neck in a neutral/parallel position.

3. Use a firm mattress, generally speaking firmer is better! If the mattress is too soft just like the pillow…you sink in, distort your spine and cause more problems overtime.

4. Get your 8 hrs./night as often as possible in correct posture. We heal, rest and recover when we sleep.


Making these minor changes will make a difference in your health. To create new habits you must stick to something for at least 21 days. I challenge you to start now!


Hope this Helps!

Yours in Better Health,

Dr. J. Luis Sandez



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